No Crying Matter

Not enough tears or too many … both are symptoms of a lacrimal disorder. The lacrimal system is responsible for tear production and drainage, both of which are needed for eye comfort and clear vision. Problems occur with eyes that are too dry or too teary.

Types of Lacrimal Disorder

  • “Dry eye” is often associated with inflammation and infection of oil glands in the eyelid, and is treated by scrubbing it with cleanser and tear substitutes. Temporary or permanent plugs in the drainage system may also be used.
  • The opposite problem, blockage of the drainage system, causes excessive tearing or “wet eye.” This can be caused by eyelid laxity or retraction, or a blockage in the tear drainage duct. Common treatment options are steroid or antibiotic drops, silicone stents and tear duct bypass surgery.

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